Well But’s Are Dream Killers….Or Are They?

Have you ever been tasked to find a solution to a problem and bring your ideas to the next team meeting? I am sure all of us have been in this position because that is primarily what we do during team meetings, right? We have a problem and we find solutions. So, you are tasked […]

Guiding From Your Gut

I tell my pre-service students they are on the brink of becoming confident teachers when they are not thinking about their decisions while they deliver their lessons. This is especially true when you have to redirect behavior. You are confident when you question yourself less and begin to respond more to that voice in your […]

Dream Your Vision Into Reality

When I was writing my dissertation, I would stop and dream about receiving my doctorate. The day would be perfect, celebrating with my family. I would graduate in spring, which signals new beginnings and another goal accomplished. The day came to walk across the stage, and it was joyful but not quite as beautiful as […]

Easy Strategy To Solve Problems

You cannot solve a problem while you are in the middle of feeling negative emotions. If you try to solve a problem when you are focusing on all the negative conditions, you will only exacerbate the problem. The solution will not present itself when you are in the midst of doubt, anger, criticizing, and/or complaining. […]

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