Daydreaming Over Determination

If you pay attention to how you feel, doesn’t daydreaming feel better than determination? If you are determined, doesn’t it have a hint of grinding through or you are going to force your way through? I am certainly not telling you that determination does not have its place or its positive attributes. However, I am […]

Well But’s Are Dream Killers….Or Are They?

Have you ever been tasked to find a solution to a problem and bring your ideas to the next team meeting? I am sure all of us have been in this position because that is primarily what we do during team meetings, right? We have a problem and we find solutions. So, you are tasked […]

Dream Your Vision Into Reality

When I was writing my dissertation, I would stop and dream about receiving my doctorate. The day would be perfect, celebrating with my family. I would graduate in spring, which signals new beginnings and another goal accomplished. The day came to walk across the stage, and it was joyful but not quite as beautiful as […]

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