A Student Refuses to Engage, What do you say?

What do you do when you have asked a student to do something, and they flat out tell you no? I keep prompting them to do what I requested and they continue to say no. The student is not having a good day and the teacher senses it will only escalate as they prompt the […]

Daydreaming Over Determination

If you pay attention to how you feel, doesn’t daydreaming feel better than determination? If you are determined, doesn’t it have a hint of grinding through or you are going to force your way through? I am certainly not telling you that determination does not have its place or its positive attributes. However, I am […]

Stop Trying So Hard

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Pickle Ball. At first, it was an amicable volley exchange. However, it did not take long before our competitive nature took over. All it took was one power slam from our opponent and it was game on. I had my share of slams, but I noticed […]